Chicken & Egg Say Hello to Idea & Execution


7.27.09:: It’s no secret, I subscribe to the religion of the Big Idea. One of our main tenets- idea before execution. Which is why I initially screamed heresy when I read “If Execution Is What Matters, Where Does That Leave Ideas? The article forwarded the thought that ideas are merely a launchpad for execution and the sweat-equity that goes into developing the ideas is what deserves more credit (and reward). As I continued to read the article, I could not help but notice how the two camps develop their points. Idea people think their brilliance and direction should be compensated while the people who actually did it, claim the idea people would be nowhere without them.

So, without getting into an intellectual property screaming match, I came to a hard truth: ideas and executions are inextricably connected. They need each other.

I know this is not a new point. In fact, agencies and clients alike have been opening up their coveted chambers and minds to tech gurus and interns for years. However, approaching problems with this holistic and respectful mindset makes more possible. Your next big idea might be inspired by the lunch lady on the new JCP widget. Or the best way to execute something might come from an insight on how people eat with their hands. One does not necessarily come before the other, but each dictate how the other will turn out. Just as the chicken determines what the egg will look like and the egg determines what the chicken is. The sooner this is accepted and we hire people that can either play ball with the other side or think both ways, the better off we’ll be.

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