There’s Such a Thing as Free Ideas


9.18.09:: Sources are telling us the recession is receding (faster that Ben Bernanke’s hairline, in fact). So, let’s take stock. Print media is ailing, catfights about the promises social media continue and we have a few new search engines. Other than that, it’s the business of recession as usual. Agencies have downsized the designer coffee, increased new biz efforts and the freelancers have made camp in that middle manager’s office whose name everyone forgot.

So, when I read this article about providing not only good ideas, but ideas that build business to clients during this time, I was inspired. Client/agency relationships have a tendency fall into a rut, where we only concern ourselves with ‘filling the space’ and not taking chances. Add a recession to the mix and we produce only what is tried and true. However, in a time when structure is waning and the rules seem almost non-existent, isn’t it time to shine? Nothing cures the nightly news blues like a good idea. And, after this blows over, wouldn’t you like to be the one sitting with the next big idea in your lap?

So, after colluding with my compatriots, we decided we wanted to arm our clients with ideas that help them take a leap. And, in full embrace of Google-osophy, we are going to do this free. Well, almost.

For the next 6 months, any new piece of business from a current or new client will receive an additional set of 3 ideas to help build their business (here’s the details).

We’re calling it The Moniker 3I’s. That’s 3 ideas that build your business and make sure that you don’t end up with a The Jelly of the Month Club membership for a holiday bonus.

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