Economic Soma?

2.09.09:: Times are tough. Unemployment’s up, politicians are struggling for an economic IV and, worse still, consumer confidence continues to dip. So, how do you sell yourself to a group of fenced in, regretfully cautious people? Stay positive. Get people to revel in the innocence of fun, make them feel good about what they have or simply celebrate charity.

Take a look at this Carnival Cruise Lines spot:

This ‘all for fun’ message creates camaraderie and reminds people there are still fun things we can all enjoy (be it a beach ball OR a cruise).

Getting people to join a simple, common altruistic purpose also works. For example, Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital’s ‘do good.’ campaign. Using bright graphics and headlines like,”Do something good today.” along with compassionate support points, this hospital encouraged people to join the organization’s (and their community’s) cause: good health.

Even packaged goods can align themselves with a better purpose. A la Frosted Flakes:

What’s great about this is that Tony the Tiger not only supports building more sport fields but encourages consumers to nominate projects online (

So, do positive commercial messages create a better economy and/or brand situation? I think positivity is a point of difference in a negative landscape. These messages get people to pay attention and act to a greater good. However, in order to really save the economy, we would need to have a  consumers buy into this feel good thoughts with actual dollars on a massive scale. (Take a look at Finland’s plan for this).

So, I would argue a brand is doing nothing bad by doing good right now. But, as for the economy, we all just might have to just limit how much MSNBC we watch.