Post Palm Pre Hype

6.8.09 :: I know what you’re thinking– we so very desperately needed another smartphone. The iPhone has the market cornered with excellent usability and the most 3G users, Google’s G1 is popular among the open source community and Blackberry’s got a handle on enterprise level solutions. So, if you’re the late entry, the only thing you can do is to claim you can do it all, better.

Not surprisingly, this is what is implied in Palm Pre’s new spot , “Flow” from agency Modernista!

Rarely, can a product or brand survive on this ‘we are everything to everyone’ strategy. In fact, Bob Garfield, an ad critic from Ad Age, agreed and called the Pre’s launch spot non- revolutionary and an iPhone “copycat”.

As for me, I remain positive. I had a small chance to play with the new phone this weekend, and while it’s by no means revolutionary, it has some features that are forward thinking and might catch on  (i.e. Visual application dashboard, compact design, a nice user experience and great software [gmail and pandora]).  My prediction is that the best practices of this phone will end up in the next generations of the G1 and iPhone, but as with the survival of all technology, it will be left in the people’s hands.