A toast to our NYE e-card winner


1.7.09 :: As some of you might recall, we sent out a New Year’s Eve e-card back in the ‘aughts’ encouraging you to tell us the craziest thing you’re thankful for in 2009. After tabulating the results, we have a winner–Will B. He was extremely thankful that the 7-year old web sensation, David, who’s popularity skyrocketed after an embarrassing visit to the dentist, didn’t incite revolt among mothers. William will receive a bottle of bubbly for his efforts (which seemed appropriate given his selection).

While we’re on that note, we’d like to thank the over 500 people who visited the e-card (including a handful of those from stumble upon and digg) and those that responded prior to celebrating the end to the last year of the decade.

So long 2009!