Web 3.0 Prognostication

4.13.09 :: With all the gaffs being thrown around about the future of social media and internet, we’ve decided to add our two sense in about web 3.0.

Most people agree that both web 1.0 and 2.0 can be broken down into content, functionality and style. Web 1.0 was about pushing information through fact driven brochureware and e-commerce sites that were fairly static. Web 2.0 used social media and shared content with a higher user experience to pull people to sites. So, what’s next?

Web 3.0 Content
Content will always be king. So will concept (the angle or the idea that sells the content). So, despite the proliferation of user self-generated content (i.e. youtube) we can expect branding, infotainment and user generated branded content to proliferate and co mingle more with social media. i.e. Sprint’s Now Site and Coke’s Happiness Factory.

Web 3.0 Functionality
Two words: I, Robot. Largely unexplored in the past 10 years, have been the fields of robotics and AI (despite Google’s ability to ‘guess’ what you’re going to search). Futurist, creator of pets.com, and predictor of social media 10 years ago, Paul Saffo, confirmed this in an interview with Communication Arts recently. Not to mention an upcoming search engine, Wolfram Alpha, that uses AI to provide an actual ANSWER to your question, not just search results. Expect the web of the future to be able to have a conversation with you to figure out what you want. aka Max Headroom.

Web 3.0 Style
We will see the webpage cease to be a page. The web will interact with us as a dynamic entity fluidly. See Minority Report. E-ink, touch screen tech and new mobile devices will dictate this new experience, design and interface. Expect information to look more abstract and intuitive rather than instructional. So more icons, less words. Who knows…maybe we’ll develop short hand stenography for the web.

And now, back to the present.